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Our story: A team of weird matchup but with one common goal, to travel. One of us is self-claimed gastronaut; a person who 'keen' to try and eat everything that is possible, one amateur photographer that snaps everything and anything and a slowpoke that takes his time to absorbs the beauty in every scenes. Therefore, we plan to share the experience of our travelling to the world and share a platform for people like us to be inspired and venture out to their journey by simply, packing their bags. Shares with us your experience or even find a common goal with other travellers in our site. Remember, 'the world is a book, and those who do not travel read only a page' as quoted by Saint Augustine, a quote we passionately believe (and sometimes debate) as well. So cheers everyone (while we pack our bags for our next trip)!!!


Lets brainstorm! Discuss your next trip, shares your own experience, feedback to us what you think and where should we travel next. 

Lone Wolf

Gather around all the lone wolves! A room for the solo travellers to find same minds alike companion. Welcome in!

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Want to buy something from another country? Try to see where we are travelling and drop a message informing us what to buy. T&C apply.